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Soa Leun - Thoughtfulness

I am an artist who works under a pseudonym. Creation is a pretext for me to build deeper relationships with the world around me and other people. My art is largely based on finding a common thread for the past and present. I refer to memories and experienced feelings. In my work I often return to the childhood times and how they affect our adult life. I am interested in loneliness, immigration, identity and broadly defined equality.Through my artistic practice I want to show that the history of every person is important and can resonate with others. I refer to the works of masters of painting and give them a new, contemporary context.

Physically based in Cracow, but emotionally related to South Africa.


  • 19-29.04.24 “Wiosna. Energia przemiany”, Elite Home, Białystok, Poland.
  • 30.04.22-13.05.22 “Malamegi LAB – VENICE’22”, Imagoars, Venice, Italy. Curators: Margherita Jedrzejewska, Massimo Toffolo.


2007 – 2012 Academy of Fine Arts, Łódź, Poland.

Faculty of Design: Institute of Textile.


  •  “Malamegi LAB – VENICE’22”, Laureate/Cash Prize.